Why does Marx Foods sell in bulk, how many portions are in each case?

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The Marx family has been selling these same quality products to fine restaurants for over a decade, but MarxFoods.com and its ability to sell to consumers is a relatively recent offshoot of the family’s restaurant supplier business. 

Leveraging connections in the top-quality restaurant supply world, we are able to provide the very best gourmet foods, but most of them have to be packaged in restaurant-sized cases.  Several of our perishable items arrive frozen and can be consumed right away, shared with friends and family, or stored in your freezer for later use.  Many of our items are individually wrapped within the case for easy sharing, storing, and freezing.  Some (like our Kobe beef steaks) have alreadybeen broken into individual portions for your convenience.

Though buying by the case may seem like a big expenditure, once you examine the contents on a per portion basis, comparing them to the cost of ordering the same ultra-fine foods in a restaurant, you’ll discover the substantial savings to be gained by buying in bulk.  The number of servings in each order varies by product, but for example:

10 lbs or 1/2 Kobe beef burgers = 20 burgers
5 lbs of Nuovo artisan ravioli = about 15 entree portions
10 lbs of fish fillets = about 26 entree portions (restaurant chefs generally portion 6oz of fish per serving)

It is important to remember that these products are substantially higher quality than those found in your grocery store.  They are regularly sold to expert chefs who will settle for nothing less than the very finest ingredients.  For example, our dried porcini mushrooms are really wild and hand-foraged in the United States…most of the dried porcinis you find in your local mega mart were most likely grown in China and don’t look a thing like a mushroom.

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