What’s the best season to pick white truffles?

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The answer really depends on which white truffles you’re looking to pick.  If you’re taking a trip to Italy and hoping to hunt the elusive and exclusive white Alba truffle, you want to plan your trip sometime between October and December. 

If you’re staying closer to home and looking for Oregon white truffles, you’ve likely got two seasons to choose from: April-June and November-January (this is because Oregon white truffles are actually two extremely similar truffles with different growing seasons that are sold as one product).

That said, truffles are wild food.  This means that they come and go as they please, and some years their season may be shorter, longer, or may not even happen at all.  Read what is a wild food? and check out our (roughly estimated) wild food season chart for more information.

If you have your truffle hunting plans spoiled, you still have options.  Frozen white truffles are available year round.

– Question Submitted by Marcellius B.

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