What sauce would you recommend for the heart-shaped lobster ravioli for Valentine’s Day?

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This fennel & parmesan pasta sauce recipe is probably the sauce we’d recommend first for our lobster heart-shaped ravioli.  It’s bright yet light, complimenting and balancing the richness of the lobster, drawn-butter & lemon filling without overpowering it.  It also allows the look of the beautiful ravioli to shine.

That said, lobster is a pretty adaptable as long as you keep your sauce on the mild side.  Butter, browned butter or olive oil sauces are probably better choices than tomato or cream sauces, as these can cover up the filling’s flavor and the pasta’s appearance.  Sauces with lemon and/or basil will reinforce the filling’s flavors.

A lot of the sauces in our pasta sauce recipe collection are tomato or cream based, but you still might check them out to see if anything strikes your fancy.

– Question Submitted by Gloria D.

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