What is the best cut for Wiener Schnitzel (kalbsnuss)?

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Wiener Schnitzel is a pan fried meat dish made from small breaded veal cutlets (aka veal escallops).  Veal cutlets can be cut from several different places (they’re simply thin strips of tender veal suitable for frying & sautéing), and the ones used in the US are usually from the leg.  However, if you’re looking for absolute authenticity the German word “kalbsnuss” translates to “veal flank” in English.

Veal Flanks/Veal Flank Steaks are a pretty rare cut in the US.  We can special order them for you (contact us for a quote) or you can see if your local specialty butcher can get them.  The meat industry’s identification code (NAMP) for this cut (cleaned) is “393 PSO 1.” 

Once you manage to find some, cutting your own escallops is pretty easy.  Just slice them on a bias, against the grain (you may want to butterfly them as well).

– Question Submitted by Frank K.

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