What is Frenching?

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In classical cusine, bone-in cuts of meat like racks and bone-in rib chops are often served with the bones exposed.  These bones, depending on how the meat was prepared, can be bright white or a darker, roasted color.  Though in some preparations (as in lamb “lollipops”) these bones are intended for use as a handle, they’re usually just there for decoration.

“Frenching” is the chef/butcher term for using a sharp knife to scrape all the connective tissue from the surface of the bones.   It can be very time consuming depending on the cut of meat involved and your level of experience.  Meat that is labelled as “Frenched” has already had the work done for you by an expert butcher, saving you time and giving you a great result every time.  Most of the racks that Marx Foods sells have already been pre-frenched for your convenience.

“Denuded” cuts take frenching one step further and have had their surface fat removed, so the exposed bone runs clean down to the eye of the meat.

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