What is clearmeat?

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Clearmeat is the chef term for the mixture of egg whites and other ingredients added to stocks during the clarification process.  Clarification is a method used by chefs to remove impurities from stock in order to make consommé.  Clear meat is traditionally a mixture of egg whites, herbs and spices, carrots, celery, onions, and lean ground meat (usually the same type as the stock…ground chicken for chicken stock, ground veal for veal stock, etc).

All the ingredients are mixed together, then added to the cold stock in a pot.  The stock is brought to a simmer, at which point the clearmeat solidifies into a “raft” and floats to the top.  The stock bubbles up through holes in the clearmeat, then runs back down through tiny nooks & crannies, effectively being filtered and flavored.  Once all the impurities have been captured by the raft, it is strained off and you’re left with beautifully clear consommé.

Read how is consommé made? for more info. 

– Question submitted by Teresa

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