What is beurre meuniere?

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Beurre meuniere (“miller’s butter” or “miller’s wife’s butter”) is an evolution of beurre noisette (browned butter) – a sauce of browned butter with lemon juice (and often parsley) added.  It’s often served with fish, frog’s legs, or scallops cooked “a la meuniere” – dusted with flour & sauteed in butter.

Other Butter Terms:
Beurre Fondue
Beurre Manie
Clarified Butter
Compound Butter

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One Response to “What is beurre meuniere?”

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    waldirdesouzajunior says:

    i love this preparation it combines with many kinds of dishes into sandwiches,food fingers culinary,in all over the world like “poisson à la belle meuniére” and in other more simple confections,still used like cream to fill and cover pastries and puff-pastries,snacks and sandwiches,yes that’s so good!!!