What is a 75% reduction demi glace?

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Traditional demi glace is made by slow-simmering brown veal stock until it has thickened and concentrated.  Many demi glaces on the market are artificially thickened, usually through the addition of starches (flour) or gums.  A thickener-free 75% reduction veal demi glace has been made by simmering veal stock and letting the water evaporate until it is only 25% of its original volume. 

Thus, “75% reduction” means the demi-glace is packed with all the flavor of four times as much veal stock, which not only gives chefs an idea of how rich the demi’s flavor is, but also how much water to add in order to dilute it back into veal stock for use in soups, braising liquids, etc.

Stocks thickened to the same consistency via starches or gums will have a weaker flavor & lower gelatin content because they’re far less concentrated.

– Question Submitted by Garrett M.

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