What are the differences between wild boars and pigs?

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Though their meat can be prepared similarly, wild boars and domesticated swine are actually quite different.

How They’re Raised:
Pigs are domesticated swine raised (in pens or pasture) for their meat and fed by farmers, while wild boars are actually wild.  Our wild boars roam free in Texas hill country, where they are an invasive (and very destructive) species. They must forage for their food, and compete with other animals for territory, resources, and breeding.  They are captured alive in the field, then processed in USDA inspected facilities.

Different Appearances:
When compared to the common pig, wild boars have a longer, bristly, tough coat, an elongated snout (which may include visible tusks) and a different body shape (referred to as “razorback”).  They have color patterns on their bodies that include stripes and spots.  The males (naturally) are uncastrated.

Different Meat:
Wild boar meat
is leaner than conventional pork, with a fine grain, darker color and a more robust flavor.  It can be used as a more exciting alternative to pork in many recipes, as long as its lower fat content is taken into account.

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