What are gougeres?

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Gougeres are cheese puffs (though that name doesn’t do them justice). Imagine the pastry part of cream puffs or eclairs (i.e. no cream and no caramel or chocolate topping) made savory instead of sweet and (typically) flavored with gruyere or emmental cheese. Indeed gougeres, cream puffs (profiteroles), croquembouche, and eclairs are all made from the same eggy base dough, known in French as pate a choux.

Pate a choux is relatively simple, but made quite differently than other doughs: cooked on the stove top, whipped quickly, and piped out into various shapes for various applications before being baked. Steam from butter and eggs is what causes it to puff dramatically, leaving room on the inside for delicious filling, piped in through a hole or by splitting the puffs in half.

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