How do the new Vermont Maple Syrup Grades work?

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…What happened to Fancy & Grade B maple syrups?

If you’re used to buying Vermont maple syrup, you’re probably used to seeing things like “Grade A: Fancy” and “Grade B” on the packaging of your favorite brand. Now they’re gone. What happened?

Starting in 2015 Vermont maple grades have aligned with those used in other regions of the US and Canada.

Here’s how the new system works vs. the old grades, in order of lightest to darkest/strongest color/flavor:

Old Grading (pre-2015) New Grading (2015 Onward)
Grade A: Fancy Grade A: Golden Delicate
Grade A: Medium Amber Grade A: Amber Rich
Lighter Grade A: Dark Amber Grade A: Amber Rich
Darker Grade A: Dark Amber Grade A: Dark Robust
Grade B Grade A: Dark Robust


So if you love Grade B, you’re now looking for “Dark Robust”. If you want Fancy maple syrup, you now want “Golden Delicate” (and so on).

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