What vegetable side would you recommend for your heart-shaped lobster ravioli?

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We recommend taking whatever sauce you’ve paired our heart-shaped lobster ravioli with into account when picking a veggie side (lobster ravioli sauce suggestions).  Salads in general are a good pairing choice for this ravioli – green ingredients accentuate their beautiful red color and lighter flavors let the lobster do its thing.

If you’re planning to use a brown butter or olive oil sauce with herbs – roasted/sautéed carrots or fresh mushrooms (perhaps with white wine and garlic) would also work.

If you’re planning on using our fennel & parmesan pasta sauce, why not pair them with asparagus or some roasted beets (preferably one of the milder varieties (golden, etc)).  You could also very thinly slice the beets raw on a v-slicer or mandoline for use in a crisp side-salad instead.

– Question Submitted by Gloria D.

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