My fish cake mixture is too lemony – how to rectify?

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I’m assuming you’re asking how to fix your current batch rather than how to avoid this problem in the future.  While you could add other strong ingredients to try to hide the lemon, or a bland starch filler to dilute it, there’s a decent risk of making the cake unpalatable in a different way.

My advice is to double-down – make more fish cake mixture without lemon, mix it into your current batch, then cook a test cake.  If the mixture now isn’t lemony enough, carefully add more lemon until it’s where you want it.

If the recipe originally called for lemon juice and you want to reduce the acidic “bite” of your next batch, you have a couple of other options besides simply adding less lemon.  You can try substituting some lemon zest instead, or using meyer lemon juice, which is sweeter.

– Question Submitted by Sagren

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