What’s the best way to thaw frozen pasta?

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…is there a special tray I should use?  If so, what’s it called?

We’ve never heard of a special tray for thawing pasta.  Though we sell frozen ravioli on the webstore, we haven’t experimented much with freezing & thawing pasta in the Marx Foods kitchen.

I’ve found two reputable sources (The Kitchn and The Washington Post) that recommend cooking frozen pasta to al dente, tossing it with oil, and then freezing in individual servings.  They then recommend thawing or par-thawing outside of water.  The Washington post thaws in the refrigerator, then briefly reheats in boiling water, while the Kitchn uses the microwave.

Hopefully tweaking the freezing and thawing method will solve the problems you’re having with the pasta gluing together.  I recommend you check out the two source links above for more info.

– Question Submitted by Monica

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