Do you need to tenderize steaks before grilling?

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As a general rule, the common steak cuts (premium steaks like filet mignon/tenderloin, ribeye, strip, top sirloin…or cheaper by still excellent cuts like flank, hanger, skirt, flat iron) can be grilled without tenderizing.

That said, some people choose to tenderize their steaks because they prefer a specific texture. Also, if you buy low grade steaks or very cheap steaks thin-cut from the chuck or other tougher muscles, tenderizing may be a good idea.

I should note here that tenderizing using a needler (jaccard) can possibly increase your risk of foodborne illness, because it can push bacteria from the surface of the meat (where they’re easily killed by cooking) into the center (where they may survive, depending on how well you cook your steak).

– Question Submitted by Krist

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