Are your Kurobuta/Berkshire St. Louis cut spare ribs a good choice for competitive BBQ use?

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We do not recommend Kurobuta St. Louis spareribs for competitive BBQ use.  The St. Louis cut is perfect for convenient home use and some restaurant use, but is different from what most competition BBQ teams prefer.

St. Louis ribs are cut from younger animals for more tender meat.  This also results in smaller racks that are easy for home cooks to handle, but are less impressive on the competitive circuit. St. Louis racks are also cut down to make them very easy to cook at home, but as a result they have a higher level of exposed bones (aka “shiners”) than is preferred by many competitive teams.

If you would like to special-order competition-size whole Kurobuta spare rib racks that you can trim down to your exact specifications, please contact us for a custom quote.

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