Q: I am planning a menu for 3/24/12. Will you have squash blossoms then? When should I order them?

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Generally squash blossom quality and availability is quite reliable in March.  We’re less sure of that this year than years past due to particularly bad weather last November.  That said, chances are still good that we will have squash blossoms to send you.

Ordering squash blossoms for a scheduled event is always tricky, because they’re quite perishable (lasting two days max in the refrigerator after delivery) and must be picked the day they are shipped.  If that day’s quality is not up to par, we will not be able to ship your order.

For a Saturday event, we’d recommend ordering for Thursday shipment (Friday delivery).  That way if the Thursday crop is sub-par we can still try to ship Friday’s crop for Saturday delivery.

– Question Submitted by Chuck V.

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