Are you able to source beef sweetbreads?

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While we offer veal sweetbreads on the site year round, there is substantially less demand for beef sweetbreads.  We may be able to special order them for you (by the case) with several weeks notice.

– Question Submitted by Helen H.

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4 Responses to “Are you able to source beef sweetbreads?”

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    Helen N. Hall says:

    Can you please tell me how many lbs come in a case and also I know that though veal sweetbreads are a delecacy I know that beef are not as popular. Mostly chefs order the veal or we called the calf. I would need the price of the beef sweetbreads please. I know they are really cheap compared to the veal sweetbreads. Oh I know you cant get them here for Christmas.

    My recipe for beef sweetbreads are really good

    You rinse the sweetbreads and soak them in salt water for about 2 or 3 hrs.
    Rinse again
    Place in 5qt pan of water add some pepper to the water and boil for about 1 1/2 hrs. Let cool and take all skin and membraine from the pink meat. Put meat in separate bowl.
    In a separate pan I make a bechamel roux to mix with the stock from boiling the sweetbreads.
    I add the roux to the stock until starts to thicken
    Taste for more salt or pepper
    Add the sweetbread meat and cook for about 45 mins.
    Toast bread or do biscuits and serve the sweetbread mixture over either biscits or toast.
    This is our recipe for creamed sweetbreads

    Note: If stock gets to thick add milk to make a good consistancy.

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    Matthew says:

    Hi Helen,

    The price and case size will depend on when you order – if you want them for next Christmas, the price and case size will likely change between now and then as supply shifts with the market. I can tell you that the case size is likely to be at least 10lbs.


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    Helen N. Hall says:

    Can you tell me what they are selling for now please. I will order them next fall. I dont mind buying the case but just hope you ship them in dry ice. Thanks for all your help send me a price list of your items and Ill probably order some other merchandise from you. Please tell me the price of the beef sweetbreads this year. Thanks and hope you have a wonderful Holiday.

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    Matthew says:

    Hi Helen,

    We’ve looked into it further trying to track down a price & quantity for you, but it turns out that we do not have a source for beef sweetbreads at this time.

    Sorry we weren’t able to help you out!