Are your snow crabs sold with the shell partially removed or do they need to be cracked? What about the stone crab?

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We currently offer snow crab in three different forms.


Snow crab claws are “cocktail claws” – they’re sold with the shell partially clipped away (see photo) so you can dip the meat into a sauce while holding the claw as a handle.  The meat can be pulled right out of the shell, so no crab cracker should be necessary.

Snow crab leg clusters are legs connected to a section of the body.  They are shell-on and would require cracking to extract the meat.

We also sell shell-off snow crab meat in a leg & body meat blend.

Our Florida stone crab claws are sold with the shell on, so they do need to be cracked prior to consumption, but the shell is thin enough that they are traditionally cracked with a heavy metal spoon (see the Recipe & Tips tab on their product page for instructions).

– Question Submitted by Cindy

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