Do you sell raccoon, muskrat, or opossum meat?

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We do not sell raccoon, muskrat or opossum meat.  We don’t know of any reliable source for these meats, likely due to two primary reasons:

Supply – as far as we know, there is no commercial production of these animals for meat…likely due to lack of demand in addition to any issues associated with hunting/farming such animals in large quantities.

Legal ControlsUnder USDA rules, it is illegal to sell the meat of animals hunted in the US.  However, you can sell the meat of wild animals if they were instead trapped and then slaughtered in a USDA approved facility (this is how our wild-caught wild boar meat is harvested).  According to Dave Arnold of Cooking Issues you may, very rarely, see trapped raccoon meat, beaver meat, etc for sale…often as a byproduct of the fur industry….but it appears to us to be difficult to track down with any regularity.

As a web retailer selling food across the United States, we also have to be aware that there may be varying state & local laws that further complicate the sale of such meats across the country.


People can and do hunt these animals for meat for their own consumption…so if you want to try them, befriending a hunter may be your best bet.

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    Michele says:

    I have been looking all over for fresh muskrat.. any idea where I can purchased some