What are some good dipping sauces for the sausage sampler?

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There are twelve varieties of sausage in the specialty sausage sampler covering a pretty wide range of flavors.  Here are some sauce pairings we’d recommend:

● This huckleberry sauce recipe is great with most of the game meat & bird sausages – wild boar, venison, duck & elk.

● A simple jus or pan sauce (made by deglazing the pan you cooked the sausages in with stock) will add moisture and a little bit of flavor, but still allow the flavor of the sausages to shine through.  Try reducing the stock with herbs or spices in the pan.

● Wine reduction sauces would work well with many of the links in the sampler, particularly those made with red wine. See What is a Reduction? for more tips & info.  You can even add berries to your reduction for the elk & venison sausages.

Juniper berries are a good ingredient for sauces being served with game meat sausages.

● Check out our meat & seafood sauce recipes for more possibilities!

- Question Submitted by Jeff L

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