How many saffron threads are there in a lb/oz/gram?

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Thanks to intrepid customer Jim M, who weighed out several threads of our sargol saffron, we have some estimates to offer for the number of stigmas (aka threads):

“40 stigma weighed about 71mg or 1.775mg per stigma.  That works out to 255,000 stigma per pound… In one ounce (28.35g) there [would be] about 16,000 stigma.”

Based on the numbers he supplied us with above (1.775mg per thread), we’d estimate about 560 threads per gram.

As always, these estimates are rough at best, but if your recipes call for a specific number of threads, this will hopefully help you estimate the number of batches you’ll get per gram or ounce.

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14 Responses to “How many saffron threads are there in a lb/oz/gram?”

  1. 1
    Yunus Dawood says:


    Interesting. Please help. I need to find a supplier for either Spanish or Iranian saffron.

    Awaiting your response.

  2. 2
    Matthew says:

    Hi Yunus,

    If you’re looking to order for US delivery, we can supply very high quality Afghan or Spanish saffron. Unfortunately I believe Iranian saffron is still under an embargo in the US, so we can’t sell you that.

    Marx Foods

  3. 3
    RJC says:

    Are you counting a stigma as 3 threads or is it 1.775 g/thread? Thanks.

  4. 4
    Matthew says:

    Hi RJC,

    We didn’t do the weighing ourselves, but I believe the person who did was weighing by thread count, so it would be 1.775 g/thread.

    Marx Foods

  5. 5
    stentmartin says:

    The saffron have to be stored dryed and the prise on saffron is for dryed saffron.
    PharmTechi Canadian pharmacy saved my sex life. I no longer feel frustration / embarrassment because of my problems with erection. I take about half of 20 mg Levitra pill and it works for me for about 30 minutes and continues to work about 18 hours.

    So, I wonder if the weight of 1.775mg/ stigma is dried saffron?

  6. 6
    Matthew says:

    Hi Stentmartin,

    You are indeed correct. All the information on this post is for dried saffron rather than fresh.


  7. 7
    Sten T. Martin says:

    I have learned how to measure EC etc. but I also need to know the recommended NPK mix for Saffron.
    I will start to make the soloution in a can of water with pH 5.5 and spray manually with fresh water every time.
    The bulb storage will contain coconut-fiber and Perlite.

    Any one how can help me out with the NPK?


  8. 8
    Matthew says:

    Hi again Sten,

    I’m afraid growing saffron really isn’t our area of expertise – we just sell the dried spice for use in recipes. We do wish you the best of luck with your plants!

    Marx Foods

  9. 9
    Su McMillan says:

    Hi There! I am trying to find the right product to help with Macular Degeneration that my mother has. We are willing to try Persian Saffron. I guess 20mg a day. What do you have available? No pills I hope.Liquid would be cool but she could grind up the pills also. Any information would be so appreciated.

  10. 10
    Matthew says:

    Hi Su,

    We sell our saffron as a an ingredient rather than for medicine. As a result, the only forms we have are threads or powdered. You can check them out, with pricing & quantities here.

    Thanks for commenting!

    Marx Foods

  11. 11
    Jagindar Gadhok says:


    I wish to know approximately how many threads of dried Safron 5 gram
    as I wishto grinbd and take it internally with milk.

    Kind regards
    Dr Gadhok homeopathic

  12. 12
    Matthew says:

    Hi Jagindar,

    5 grams is a lot of saffron. Assuming the above estimate is correct, I estimate you’re looking at about 2,800 threads. Given that number, I suggest your best bet for measuring this out would be to buy a cheap gram scale (Amazon carries many options), and weigh the threads out, rather than count them.

    I hope that helps!

    Marx Foods

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