Would saffron flavor be lost in gumbo…

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…that has andouille sausage, chicken, shrimp and oysters?

We don’t believe so, though it would depend on how much saffron you used.  Good quality saffron is a potent spice that can add a little or a lot of flavor depending on how much you use in a dish. In other words, it can be as strong as you want it to be.

While andouille sausage has bold flavor of its own, it should play nicely with saffron unless you use too little of the spice.  The other ingredients you’ve listed are all relatively mild, and thus shouldn’t be a problem.

– Question Submitted by Dan

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2 Responses to “Would saffron flavor be lost in gumbo…”

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    Dan says:

    Thank you your response is helpful. I have some expensive saffron and some that was a gift. It’s from Spain and I don’t know the quality.

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    Matthew says:

    Glad we could help Dan!

    In case you find them interesting, here are some general guidelines for judging saffron quality.