Do you have any recipes for flavored waters?

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“Flavored waters” are very lightly flavored, far less potent than most beverages.  They’re generally made by adding ingredients to a pitcher of ice water that slowly infuse it with flavor as it sits.


Ideas for Flavoring Ingredients:

Citrus Fruit Slices –  Lemon & lime are the most common, but most citrus fruits will work…just let the flavor of the fruit guide how much you add

Mini citrus fruits like kumquats, mandarinquats and limequats look particularly delicate and elegant in a pitcher because they’re so small. 

Blood oranges are particularly striking, but can impart a more bitter orange flavor…so you may want to pair them with other ingredients to achieve balance if that’s not what you’re looking for.

Lightly Mashed Berries – Mash them just enough to start releasing their juice, but not enough to reduce them to a pulp.  You still want them to look pretty in the pitcher.  Almost any berry will do.  We particularly recommend wild huckleberries for their potent flavor and vibrant color.

Cucumber Slices – Cucumber water is particularly refreshing with an ethereal quality, and often shows up in restaurants and spas.

Fresh Herbs Spearmint is the most traditional choice, but many other fresh herbs will also work like lavender, lemongrass, peppermint and basil.

In a pinch, an easier but less beautiful option is to simply stir in small amounts of juice or fruit puree until the water has the subtle flavor you’re looking for. 

– Question Submitted by Janet S.


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