Where can I find recipes for a home sous vide machine?

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Home sous vide machines are still extremely rare, and as such most recipes and information is written with chefs in mind.  Sous vide is a technique particularly popular with the “molecular gastronomy” movement at the moment, so you’re likely to find a few recipes in cookbooks by Ferran Adria, Heston Blumenthal and in Chef Achatz’s Alinea.

However, for books that focus on the techniques and science of sous vide as well as recipes, Thomas Keller’s book, Under Pressure is generally regarded as a top work on the subject of sous vide cooking. It has the added benefit of being available at a (relatively) consumer-friendly price (or from your local library). 

If you’re dying to be on the very bleeding edge of sous vide techniques and science, the upcoming 6-volume tome, Modernist Cuisine, has a 72 page section devoted to sous vide.  But given that it is likely to be highly technical and will cost $440- $600, most home chefs will find it well out of their price range and level of expertise.

For a free online option, check out one of our favorite local blogs, Salty Seattle, where blogger Linda Miller Nicholson often cooks sous-vide (along with performing other acts of culinary wizardry).

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