What are Pressure Processed (HPP) Lobsters?

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Live Maine lobsters are loaded into a high pressure processing machine, which uses pressure at or above 40,000 psi (pounds per inch) to kill the lobsters almost instantaneously. This process also separates the meat from the shell inside the lobster, making it exceedingly easy to shuck while still raw. Because the pressure is equal from all sides and no heat is involved, the taste and texture of the lobster’s meat is not harmed.

After this first trip to the HPP machine, the claw, tail and knuckle meat is expertly removed from the shell by hand (except for HPP processed shell-on lobsters), then effectively “cold pasteurized” via a second trip to the HPP machine.

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3 Responses to “What are Pressure Processed (HPP) Lobsters?”

  1. 1
    chris paterson says:

    What is the common applications for eating hpp lobster?
    Can it be used for sashimi

  2. 2
    Matthew says:

    Hi Chris,

    HPP lobster doesn’t have to be blanched in order to be shucked. This makes it easier to avoid overcooking it, and can make it easier to cook using some techniques, and because the meat naturally pulls away from the shell during the HPP process, the shucked meat can look better too. We currently carry only pre-shucked HPP lobster, so there’s even less work involved.

    I believe it could be served for sashimi, with the usual safety caveats.

    Marx Foods

  3. 3
    GARNIER says:

    godo day

    i am interested to get more informations about the HPP process for lobster
    and also as frozen importer i ma looking for lobster head
    for the european market