How many pounds of fillets can you get from a whole salmon?

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According to “The Book of Yields”, a great chef’s tool that provides general yield information for a host of common ingredients, your average dressed (headed, gutted, fins & tail off) salmon is about 75% fillet.  In other words, once you cut it into fillets, approximately 12 ounces of every pound you purchased will end up as fillets.

The most common restaurant serving size for fish fillets is probably 6oz, so you’re looking at around two servings for every pound purchased.

If the whole salmon you’ve purchased has only been gutted and had its gills removed (i.e. it’s still got its head, tail & fins on), less of the purchased weight will be usable fillets.  According to The BoY, you’ll be getting an average fillet yield of 70%, or 11.2 ounces per pound (still pretty close to two restaurant servings per pound).

Thus, for a gutted (but otherwise whole) salmon weighing about 20lbs, you can estimate an approximate yield of 14lbs/224 ounces/37 restaurant servings of fillet.

Obviously salmon vary widely, and the Book of Yields is generalizing across all species and origins…so we recommend buying a little more than you think you need, just to be safe.

– Question Submitted by Jeff C.

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    Ray says:

    What is the approximate ratio of fillets from Chinook salmon head on, not gutted.