When I order perishables from Marx Foods, how are they shipped so they stay cold/frozen?

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When you order perishable food from the Marx Foods store, we use the same delivery methods we use with our fine dining restaurant customers.

During the ordering process, you will be asked to select a “preferred delivery date”.  This is the day you want your food to arrive and when you know someone will be there to receive it.  Regardless of whether that day is this week or several weeks from now, we will hold onto your order until the day before.

The day before you want your food, we will ship it via Fedex Overnight (sometimes Priority Overnight to hotter climates during the summer).  The meat/seafood/produce will be packed with frozen gel packs (or very rarely, dry ice) by professionals who know just how to pack that particular product.

Though FedEx promises to get your package to you in a day, we generally try to pack our boxes to stay cool for a second day, just in case.

– Question Submitted by Gloria D.

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