How could I use fresh Perigord truffles with rabbit saddles?

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“I would like to use them in stuffing the saddles and roasting or if that isn’t the correct method, a fresh truffle sauce to finish the roasted rabbit.”

Whether it would be ok to stuff boneless rabbit saddles with truffles and roast them really depends on which chef you ask.  There are plenty of classic French recipes that involve roasting meats or poultry with truffles (often by cutting slits in the meat and inserting slivers of truffles, or sliding buttered slices under poultry skin before roasting).  So in a classical view I think a stuffing would be considered ok.

Some modern chefs consider fresh Perigord truffles to be too precious to roast, believing that the high heat will diminish their flavor.  They would instead insist on using them as a finishing ingredient.  They would probably recommend going with a sauce (that can be served hot with the truffles, but isn’t simmered with the truffles in it) or simply shaving the truffles on top as a finishing touch (which is also a very striking presentation that draws the eye to the kingly ingredient being used).

– Question Submitted by Sarah M.

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