Why do my pancakes from scratch turn out flat?

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If your pancakes are flat rather than fluffy, this likely means that you have a leavening issue.  I can think of two possible causes:

1. Your baking powder is old.  As baking powder ages past its use by date, it loses its potency and will not give baked goods the necessary lift.  My recommendation would be to throw your baking powder out and buy a new package.

2. You’re using baking soda in a recipe that calls for baking powder.  The two are generally not interchangeable.  Baking soda requires acid (from another ingredient, like buttermilk, vinegar, citrus juices, etc) to make it work.  Baking powder pre-combines baking soda with the necessary acid.  While pancake batters with buttermilk or vinegar in them can get away with just baking soda, most recipes without them require baking powder instead or in addition.

If neither of these solutions work, I’ll need to know the details of your recipe/technique to troubleshoot further.

– Question Submitted by Jacqueline

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