I want to order guinea fowl, but I am on the east coast and it is currently very hot – how will it be shipped?

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Perishable items are shipped via FedEx Overnight the day before you tell us you would like to receive them (via the “preferred delivery date” drop-down in checkout).

During the summer we keep a close eye on national weather patterns and generally automatically upgrade shipments to hot locales to FedEx Priority Overnight. This means they will be delivered earlier in the day, spending less time in transit.

How perishable items are packed depends on what food you order – different items require different levels of cold – but perishables are always packed with a chilling agent (frozen gel packs, dry ice, or a combination of both) and usually insulated as well.

In the case of the guinea fowl you would be ordering, they will likely be packed with gel packs in a box wrapped with insulating foil.

– Question Submitted by Lee S.

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