Why are there no big numbers on balsamic vinegar bottles anymore?

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Until recently it was common for balsamic vinegars to have large numbers on the bottle.  Sometimes this was the actual age of the vinegar, sometimes it was just a number (“No. 17” for example) the company had put on the label to make you think it was the age of the vinegar….a marketing ploy.

Recently new balsamic laws have gone into effect in Italy that prohibit prominent numbers on the labels/in the names of balsamic vinegar products (whether they’re the true age or not).

We provide ages where we can for balsamic vinegars on the Marx Foods store, and our condiment-grade balsamic vinegars are aged longer and made using more traditional methods than many on the market, but you won’t find any ages on the bottles when you receive them because of the Italian law.

You can always be sure that affinato balsamic vinegar is at least 12 years old and extra vecchio balsamic vinegar is at least 25 years old…because those ages are a required part of the grading process.

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