Can you give me more information about dried chilies?

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How Are Peppers Dried?

Dried chilies can be sun dried or machine (oven) dried.  Most of our dried chilies are oven dried.  One exception I know of is our chipotle chilies, which are smoked and sun dried.

Where Are Your Chilies Grown?

The origin of our chilies varies with the variety.  We’ve got origins for most of them on the website (see individual product pages for specifics).  Usually if we don’t have a listed origin it’s because they come from a wide variety of sources.

Are Dried Chilies Typically Hotter/Less Hot Than Fresh?

We haven’t really done side-by-side taste comparisons here…but my understanding is that drying intensifies the flavors and “personalities” of chilies.  I would guess that dried chilies would be hotter…but it depends on the application and how you use them, whether you’re removing the seeds & inner ribs, etc.

How to Think About/Use Dried Chilies

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– Questions Submitted by Himanshu S.

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