Of the Marx Brothers, who is the coolest?? And overall best??

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It would be difficult to argue that Groucho didn’t get all the best lines.  He’s certainly the most often quoted.  Harpo didn’t get any lines at all, Chico was often relegated to setting up gags/counterpoint & Zeppo and Gummo have been all but forgotten by the mainstream cultural consciousness.

That said, I think “best” is in the eye of the beholder. Harpo got consistent laughs without lines (perhaps that requires more skill), and Chico was instrumental to several classic scenes.  Why not simply enjoy them as their billing intended – “The Marx Brothers” – as a whole, hilarious package?


Oh…you meant the MarxFoods Marx brothers?

Managing a meat warehouse makes Garrett clearly the coolest– too much time in the refrigerator/freezer section for the other brothers to compete with.

As to the overall best, it probably depends on your criteria.  Clearly Garrett has the most tattoos, Keith has the most dogs/offspring and Justin knows the most about sailing.  Arbitrary criteria to be sure, but I like my job and see no reason to pick favorites/speculate beyond that;)

– Question Submitted by Garrett Marx

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