Does your lox contain garlic or onions? Do you sell any garlic/onion free ravioli? I’m allergic.

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Our lox is made from salmon, honey and salt – no garlic or onions are used.  Some flavors of Nuovo ravioli aren’t made with garlic or onions.  For example – classic cheese ravioli, four cheese sachette, wild mushroom & herb ravioli, etc.  Each flavor has its ingredients listed on the product page, so it’s easy to check if the one you want contains garlic or onions.

However, it is important to note that these products are all produced in facilities that use garlic – the lox is made in the same facility that produces black pepper garlic smoked salmon, and Nuovo uses garlic in most of their ravioli flavors.  Trace amounts of garlic are possible.

– Question Submitted by Maria H.

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