Do you have any recipes/suggestions for using kombu in trail mix?

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We don’t recommend using pieces of whole leaf kombu in its dried form as a snack or in trail mixes.  Kombu is one of the thicker, more leathery sea vegetable varieties, so it’s quite tough when dried.  It’s a great ingredient in soups, stews, etc…but probably wouldn’t make a good snack by itself or as pieces in a trail mix.

However, we do sell Ginger Chewnami Nibbles, which are sesame seed mini bars (like a granola bar) that are made with lots of kombu broken into small pieces so it isn’t tough.  You might be able to make something like them at home, but we haven’t experimented with doing so.

For using sea veggies in  trail mixes, we’d probably recommend sea crunchies, which are made from sea palm that has been toasted to crisp it up.  They’re a popular on-the-go snack with people looking to add sea veggie nutrients to their diet (we also sell them pre-blended with almonds).

You also might be able to use smoked dulce or whole leaf nori…but nori is much more delicate and we’re a little worried that it might get smashed to tiny bits by other parts of your trail mix.

– Question Submitted by Stephanie

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