Can you give us detailed instructions on how to cook geoduck?

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The first step when preparing live geoduck is to clean it.  First blanch it very briefly in boiling water, then peel off the siphon’s skin and cut away the shell and belly.  Finally slice the siphon in half down the middle and clean out any sand or debris you find.

For step by step instructions and a video demonstration of these steps, check out How to Clean a Geoduck.

Once the geoduck has been cleaned, you’ll be left with two very different types of meat:

The Siphon which has a crunchy texture and is often served thinly sliced as sashimi or crudo, or diced for use in ceviche.
The Body which has a chewier texture and is typically used in stir fries, sautés, etc.

Check out our geoduck recipes collection for dishes using these cuts.

– Question Submitted by Lawrence S.

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