How would you make a raspberry sugar and a ginger sugar?

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We haven’t developed recipes for either of these flavors yet…but here are some suggestions:

For raspberry sugar, try grinding dehydrated raspberries (you may be able to use freeze dried ones instead) with granulated sugar in a spice grinder or clean bladed coffee grinder using the technique here: How to Make Flavored Sugars.  In my experiments with dehydrating & grinding raspberries I’ve found the resulting powder to be very pretty, but not very flavorful – so just be aware that this sugar may have better raspberry color than flavor.

For ginger sugar, I’d probably try mixing high quality powdered ginger (see if there’s a spice shop in your area) with sugar.  If you want the mixture to have a more uniform consistency you can try grinding them together to break the sugar crystals down.

– Question Submitted by JO

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