How do you grind emmer flour at home?

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If you’re interested in trying to grind emmer berries, spelt berries, or wheat berries into flour at home, you’re going to need a grain mill.  Fortunately you don’t need a waterwheel or windmill… you can buy small scale grain mills that fit on your kitchen counter. 

There are multiple mill designs available at a wide range of prices, depending on whether you want a hand crank or motorized model.  Kitchen Aid also makes grain mill attachments for their ubiquitous stand mixers.  For examples of some of the grain mills on the market, see this link to Amazon.com’s selection.

Grinding flour at home isn’t for everyone.  It can be a fair amount of work, requires some specialized equipment, and many motorized mills can be quite noisy.  Still, some people love having that much control over how and when their flour was milled.  If you’d rather just jump straight to baking, we do offer finely ground organic emmer flour and organic spelt flour.

– Question Submitted by Jennifer

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