How thick are your grass-fed beef ribeye steaks?

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Our grass-fed ribeye steaks are cut to specified weights (10, 12 or 14 ounces each) rather than specific thicknesses. As such, they can vary in thickness based on the width of the whole ribeyes they’re cut from (bigger cows = wider ribeyes = thinner & wider steaks and visa-versa).

With that in mind, here are some general guidelines:
10oz ribeye steaks will be around 1” thick
12oz ribeye steaks will be around 1.25” thick
14oz ribeye steaks will be around 1.25″-1.5” thick

Keep in mind that the above numbers are averages/estimates to give you some sense of what to expect. It is entirely possible to get at a 10oz steak that’s ¾” thick (and thus wider) or 1.25” thick (and thus more narrow).

– Question Submitted by Elissa P.

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