How long can I store fresh white truffles in the fridge?

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How long depends on the variety, how you store them (storage tips), and who you got them from (how fresh they were on shipment).

Italian White Truffles:
Our Alba truffles should last for up to six days after arrival.
Our bianchetti truffles will last up to a week.

Oregon White Truffles:
Oregon white truffles can vary quite a bit due to a huge variety of factors from harvest to delivery to handling after delivery.  They can last up 3-4 days, possibly more or less.

It’s best to eat them while still firm.  If they start to soften or smell “sour”, you’ll want to freeze them for later use.  When using frozen Oregon truffles, let them thaw just enough to slice, then let hot food thaw the slices the rest of the way.

– Question Submitted by Michelle

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