How long do unbrined natural sausage casings last? How should I store them?

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Unbrined sausage casings, like most offal, are quite perishable.

You mentioned purchasing your casings fresh & unbrined, and hoping to use them to make sausages “near Christmas.” We cannot know exactly how long your casings will stay fresh, it’s best if you ask the meat market you purchased them from directly to be absolutely sure. However, they may have already become unsafe to eat, and we think it’s unlikely that they will last until “near Christmas” even if you brine them at this point.

Our advice is to contact the people you purchased them from immediately. If, based on what they tell you, you believe they’re still safe, your best bet is to make your sausages now, not later, and freeze them raw for use closer to Christmas.

– Question Submitted by Gail A.

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