How long do fresh edible flowers last? How long should I order them ahead of my event?

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The shelf lives of fresh edible flowers range from 5 days to a month depending on the variety (with squash blossoms being the very perishable exception at around two days maximum). You’ll find variety-specific information on the “Storage” tab on each flower’s description. 

If you need flowers that are particularly hardy, we often recommend Szechuan/buzz buttons, karma orchids or micro orchids as great compromises between palatability and shelf life.  Sparklers™ also last for a long time and are visually stunning garnish.

Though the shelf lives we list on each individual product page are good estimates of how long they’ll stay fresh and pretty, edible flowers are at their absolute tip-top best within a few days of arrival.  For major events we recommend ordering them for delivery a day or two before your event, so you can rest easy knowing they’re in your refrigerator ready to go before the deadline, but they’re still looking as pretty as they can.

If you must order far in advance because of travel plans, refrigerator space for your flowers is tight, or you’re still nervous about perishability, crystallized flowers are the perfect solution.  They’re gorgeous, completely shelf stable, and all varieties last six months to a year as long as they’re stored in a cool, dry place.

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