Can you recommend grilling times & seasonings for whole squab?

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For Grilling, Use Semi-Boneless Squab:
Semi-boneless squab is a better choice for grilling than whole, bone-in squab.  With the breast, ribs, and backbones removed, squab is flatter and easier to cook through on the grill without overcooking.

If you have bone-in squab, you can roast it whole or cut in through the back to butterfly, removing the back bone, breast bone, rib and thigh bones to flatten it out (unfortunately we don’t have a visual tutorial to offer you at this time).

How Long to Grill Squab:
When cooking squab, it’s important to know that it’s best cooked only to medium rare.  Any further than that and there’s a risk of it drying out and becoming mealy.  We don’t have a recipe for grilled squab on the site to refer you to, and in my research I’m seeing cooking time ranges from 14 to 30 minutes total.  I’d say it depends on the heat of your grill.

Recommended Squab Pairings:
Aromatics that pair well with squab include juniper berries, cinnamon, rosemary, sage & garlic.  Other ingredients that pair well with squab (in sauces & sides) include pomegranate molasses, hazelnuts, olives, bacon, balsamic vinegar, & fruit (peaches, pomegranate, figs, prunes).

– Question Submitted by William A.

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