Should I use grass-fed wagyu or grain-finished wagyu in burgers?

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It’s a matter of personal preference. Here’s the criteria that I’d use to decide:

Fat Content: As a general rule of thumb, ground beef that is 20% fat is considered by chefs to be ideal for burgers & other formed meat applications (meatloaf, meatballs, etc). Fat content this high will help keep the meat together and prevent it drying out.

Of course, the wagyu breed is predisposed to higher marbling, so both of our grass-fed ground wagyu beef and grain-finished ground wagyu beef products are a bit above that, so you’re fine there.

Taste: I think you’ll see a little less of a distinction because we’re talking about ground beef, but in general, grass-fed beef tends to have a beefier flavor that’s “cleaner” on the palate (for example, I use our grass-fed angus in burgers because I find I can taste all the condiments and toppings much more while getting plenty of bold beef flavor).

Grain-finished wagyu tends to have a luxurious creamier, “buttery-er” flavor.

Health Benefits: The wagyu breed’s marbling tends to be lower in saturated fat than other breeds, but this is especially true of grass-fed wagyu. Grass-fed beef is also higher in healthy omega 3s, CLA & vitamins.

You’ll get great burgers either way, it’s just a question of what kind of burger you want!

– Question Submitted by Eric

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12 Responses to “Should I use grass-fed wagyu or grain-finished wagyu in burgers?”

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    Thanks, I think I will try the grass-fed.

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