Is your grass-fed beef frozen for delivery or shipped unfrozen with ice packs?

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It actually depends on which of cut of grass-fed beef you order.

Our cut grass-fed beef steaks (ribeyes, porterhouses, strip steaks, top sirloin steaks) and sliced short ribs are shipped frozen.

The larger cuts (whole ribeye rolls, tenderloins, flank steaks, hanger steaks, skirt steaks, etc) can be shipped fresh (with frozen gel packs) OR frozen, depending on availability.  Contact us before placing your order if you’d prefer one or the other and we’ll see what we can do for you.

The large muscle cuts (whole sirloins, tenderloins, ribeye rolls, striploins) ship pretty much ready to slice into steaks (and tend to be cheaper by weight), so they’re a great solution if you’ve got your heart set on fresh steaks.

– Question Submitted by Kyle C.

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