When will your fresh morel mushrooms be in stock, and how long will you be selling them?

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Because fresh morels are a wild product, we really can’t be sure of the answer to either question.  Our best guess is that we’ll have them from sometime in April to sometime in July, but that’s a rough average of past years rather than any firm prediction.  We’ve had morels show up earlier, and/or leave earlier.

Wild mushrooms grow when, where, and how they will.  Changing weather patterns can have a huge impact on morel arrival, departure, and yield.

Once the season starts, we’ll have a somewhat better feel for how much longer it is likely to last…but probably not much more than rough impressions of a week out.  For example, we might be able to tell you “next week looks like it’ll be strong too” or “our foragers are starting to have trouble finding them, so the season may be petering out.  I’d order this week rather than waiting…just to play it safe.”

What we can offer you now is to let you know as soon as we get them.  Just contact us and tell us how’d you like us to get in touch.

– Question Submitted by Rita P.

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