I stored 8lbs of fresh figs in a bucket. Now the bottom is full of juice. Are they still safe?

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Ripe figs, like most fresh produce, can be fragile, and the way you’ve stored them is probably the root of the problem.  The weight of the ~8lbs of figs above has likely heavily bruised or crushed the figs on the bottom, causing them to weep juice.  We recommend taking your figs out of the bucket ASAP, washing off the juice, and separating the unbruised/uncrushed ones into smaller containers where they aren’t putting so much pressure on the lower fruit. 

As to whether the bottom fruit is still safe to eat, we can’t say since we can’t see, touch, feel, smell it, etc.  Check it as you would any other fruit and if it doesn’t look right, don’t eat it.  Also keep in mind that even if it looks ok now, any cracks in the skin or lost juice will likely make those figs go bad much faster than intact ones.

– Question Submitted by Glenda

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