What does “fold” mean on vanilla extract bottles?

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A “fold” is the FDA’s regulated measurement of potency for vanilla extracts. In order to be a pure “single-fold” vanilla extract, each gallon of the finished extract must have been made with a minimum of 13.35 ounces of vanilla beans.

Pure vanilla extracts sold to consumers are almost always single fold, which is plenty strong for most home recipes. If a recipe simply calls for “vanilla extract” without specifying a fold strength (as most do) it’s safe to assume single fold extract is the ingredient they are referring to.

Double, triple, and four-fold extracts are available, each representing a multiplication of the 13.35 ounce per gallon amount. Thus, a double-fold extract was made with 26.7 ounces of vanilla per gallon, a triple-fold 40.5 ounces per gallon, etc. Generally double-fold & higher potency extracts are only sold to bakeries and other food companies who make very large batches of food and don’t want to use or store correspondingly large amounts of single-fold extract.

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