Can I buy florist roses & clean them to make them edible?

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…I’m hoping to infuse them into water to flavor it and want to save money.

We really wouldn’t recommend it.  We’re not experts on how florist roses are grown, but we suspect they’re fed things as well as sprayed with things to make them more resilient.  Things that are fine for looking (or smelling) but that you probably don’t want in your food.  Because florist roses aren’t sold to be eaten, they’re not subject to the same controls food is.  In addition, roses grown for their looks typically not the same varieties grown for their properties as ingredients.

If you’re looking to get more bang for your buck in terms of edible roses as a beverage ingredient (also because you may not get much flavor from the roses into the water), I’d recommend using rosewater for flavor and the edible roses or their petals as a garnish.

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